's History of Acquisitions and Investments Through 2012

Did you know has acquired over 20 companies, seven of which were acquired in 2012 alone? Amazing. Here is a list of all the companies has either acquired or invested in.

Company Location Date Cost Type
Category Notes
Sendia Santa Monica, CA USA April 2006 $15m A Mobile Now mobile
Kieden San Francisco, CA August 2006 A Advertising Salesforce for Google AdWords
Kenlet January 2007 A Support Now Salesforce Ideas / IdeaExchange
Koral San Mateo, CA USA March 2007 A Productivity / CMS Now Salesforce Content
Appirio San Mateo, CA USA March 2008 I Development SaaS solutions provider
Instranet Chicago, IL USA August 2008 $31.5m A Productivity/Support Now Salesforce Knowledge
Practice Fusion San Francisco, CA USA August 2009 I Health Care Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
GroupSwim San Francisco, CA USA December 2009 A Social Media Now part of Chatter
Informavores Cardiff, UK December 2009 A Productivity Now Visual Process Manager
ServiceMax Santa Clara, CA USA April 2010 I Productivity Field service management software
Jigsaw San, Mateo CA USA April 2010 $142m A Productivity Now part of
Sitemasher Vancouver, BC Canada June 2010 A Development Now Salesforce Sites - An interactive site builder
Activa Live Chat St. Clair Shores, MI USA September 2010 A Support Live chat support software
DocuSign Seattle, WA USA December 2010 I Productivity Online signature service
Heroku San Francisco, CA USA December 2010 $212m A Development Cloud platform service provider for running and maintaining Ruby on Rails applications
Etacts Palo Alto, CA USA December 2010 $6-7m (not official) A Productivity Intelligent contact management / tracking. Integrates with Gmail and Mobile devices
Assistly San Francisco, CA USA January 2011 I Support Help Desk / Ticket Management that integrates with Social Media channels
Dimdim Boston, MA USA January 2011 $31m A Productivity Web conferencing
Seesmic San Francisco, CA USA February 2011 I Social Media Social Media app that lets you manage all of your accounts. Integrates with Chatter
Manymoon San Francisco, CA USA February 2011 $25m A Productivity Social Productivity - Integrates with Google Apps
HubSpot Cambridge, MA USA March 2011 I Marketing Marketing software platform
Radian6 Fredericton, NB Canada March 2011 $326m A Social Media Social Media tracking/engagement platform
Kenady Redwood City, CA USA August 2011 I Productivity Cloud-based manufacturing management
Assistly San Francisco, CA USA September 2011 $50m A Support Help Desk / Ticket Management that integrates with Social Media channels
Infor Alpharetta, GA USA September 2011 I Software Enterprise finance/ERP/Manufacturing Software Palo Alto, CA USA October 2011 I Productivity Enterprise/Consumer Filesharing and Collaboration in the cloud
Urban Airship Palo Alto, CA USA October 2011 I Mobile Mobile push-notifications, subscriptions
Model Metrics Chicago, IL USA November 2011 A CRM Consulting CRM Consulting/Services
Rypple Toronto, ON Canada December 2011 $65m A Productivity/HR Social performance management platform
Duetto San Francisco, CA USA April 2012 I Big Data Hotel demand/price optimization
Insight Squared Cambridge, MA USA May 2012 I Analytics SFDC Integrated BI
Stypi San Francisco, CA USA May 2012 A Collaboration Web-based collaborative text editor
Thinkfuse Seattle, WA USA June 2012 A Collaboration Web-based project status reports
ChoicePass San Francisco, CA USA June 2012 A Productivity Customized corporate/employee perks and rewards
Buddy Media New York, NY USA June 2012 $689m A Social Media Build & maintain relationships through your social channels
GoInstant Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada July 2012 $76m A Collaboration Co-browsing application. Allows users to browse the web simultaneously
BlueTail Israel July 2012 A Big Data Data mining.
Arxxus Sydney, NSW Australia October 2012 I Consulting Cloud-focused consultancy
Prior Knowledge San Francisco, CA USA November 2012 A Big Data Predictive analytics & data modeling
ZenPayroll San Francisco, CA USA December 2012 I Finance Web-based payroll service

25 Acquisitions for at least $1.6bn
15 Investments

Anyone care to help me fill in the blanks? Where do you think should put their money?